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2012 Kubota B2620HST 4wd Tractor w/Loader

26 hp Diesel, Hydrostatic Transmission,

Turf Tires, come with 48" bucket,

330 hours, Good Condition



2018 Kubota L4701HST

 4WD Tractor 

47.3 hp Diesel, 3 Cylinder Engine, Shuttle Shift Transmission, 3 point hitch, R4 Tires, 365 Hours, Great Condition




2012 Massey Ferguson 1643

4WD Cab Tractor

43 horsepower, 4wd, shuttle shift transmission, Live PTO, Power Steering,

Rear remote valve and good tires.
It has been well maintained with 115 hours.


Kubota MX5200DT 4wd Tractor w/Loader

54 hp, 4 Cylinder Diesel, Shuttle Shift Transmission, R4 Tires, 3 Rear Remotes,

Canopy, Skid Steer Type Quick Attach Bucket,

3rd Function Valve

1,470 Hours, Good Condition


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